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Anthem AV Solutions has announced it has secured an exclusive distribution deal with French Trinnoc_anthem_announcementcompany Trinnov Audio. For those that don’t know Trinnov creates audio calibration solutions used in TV, mastering and recording studios across the globe. Trinnov Audio has recently developed a high-end line to meet the specific needs of discerning consumers and these new models are now available in the UK and ROI from Anthem AV Solutions.

Established in 2003 Trinnov won an award that year from the French Ministry for Research as one of the most innovative young companies. It now holds five international patents and continuously contributes to 3D audio at the highest scientific level. The company provides equipment to universities and labs for 3D research, including NHK’s 22.2, the surround sound component of Super Hi-Vision.

Trinnov has many high profile clients using its products, including the 860 seat UGC Normandie Premiere Screening Room on the Champs-Élysées, engineers working on films by Luc Besson and Oliver Stone, and the Cinephase film mixing facility that has been used by the 2009 and 2012 Palm D’or winners.

The room correction expert has engineered a wide variety of exclusive proprietary technologies, which allow the company to create systems that perform to a far higher level than anybody else in the industry says the company’s press release. Every part of a Trinnov Audio product is designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Appreciating that the room is the main element that introduces large amounts of distortion into a system as a whole, Trinnov Audio has stepped in with a range of solutions based on its own research. Implementing techniques such as modern acoustic measurement, proprietary acoustic analysis algorithms and powerful equalization, Trinnov Audio promises to deliver optimal acoustic performance from any room.

“Trinnov Audio has an unmatched reputation in the professional industry and this resulted in us continuously being approached by customers wanting equipment for their home”, commented Arnaud Destinay, International Sales Manager at Trinnov Audio. “Our high-end line takes all of our proprietary technologies and puts them into specially designed, consumer friendly products that can make an instant improvement on any high-end stereo or multi-channel system by electronically correcting for the main source of distortion: the room itself.”

Anthem AVS will be distributing Trinnov’s High End range. This consists of the ST2 converter and room/speaker optimizer; the Amethyst preamplifier, converter, media renderer & room/speaker optimizer; and the Magnitude32 multi-channel room/speaker optimizer. The Altitude32 multi-channel A/V preamplifier processor will join these in September.


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