Hifi Pig have just caught a sneaky rumour that the UK is about to have a brand new hifi company, Mitchell and CESJohnson. We’re told that the company has been founded on the premise that “music should be listened to in the way the artist intended and that hi-fi should be affordable and easily accessible”.

Mitchell and Johnson will launch a range of amplifiers, streamers, DACs, CD players, tuners, systems and headphones with their official launch being at this years CES.
Mitchell and Johnson has been set up by the team responsible for the reintroduction of the Sansui brand into the UK in late 2011. Paul Mitchell and Dave Johnson have a long track record in the consumer electronics industry, having worked for major manufacturers and retailers in the UK and USA. A long time hi-fi enthusiast and semi-professional gigging musician, Mitchell will be responsible for the product and sales functions of the business, while Johnson brings with him considerable expertise in commercial operations management and finance.
Speaking on the launch of the new company, Paul Mitchell says, “We are very excited to be introducing Mitchell and Johnson to the world at the biggest and most famous of all consumer electronics shows. It has been a very intensive gestation period, with our R&D teams working extremely hard and we are confident their dedication has paid off with the amazing new products we are launching.” He continues, “Our recent experience with the Sansui brand clearly demonstrated that there is a real need for affordable, but high quality hi-fi components that are available from a wide selection of retailers. With the Mitchell and Johnson brand and the freedom this gives us to introduce new cutting edge products, we can now continue our mission to introduce the new breed of music consumers to real hi-fi and the enjoyment a ‘proper’ system can bring.”

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