California’s Noble Audio is launching a brand new range of universal-fit in-ear monitors. The new five-strong line-up will be unveiled for the first time at CanJam SoCal 2016 in California (19th/20th March). The all-new models replace Noble’s previous acrylic-body universal-fit series and introduce high-grade aluminium end-caps with composite bodies across the range, with each model made and hand-assembled in the USA.

The new range has also been re-voiced to give the optimum performance from the new two-part Classic chassis. The range comprises the following models: Trident (£275); Savanna (£350); Savant (£420); Dulce Bass (£485) and Django (£695).

Most of the new universal-fit models will also be available as custom-fit versions for a supplement, using a range of alternative construction materials. Consumers choosing bespoke versions can select from the following: a custom-fit acrylic version (suffix C), a time- saving 3-D printed version (suffix SLA) and a silicone version (suffix S); see pricing for more.


Trident is Noble’s new entry level universal-fit IEM and features three balanced armature drivers per side. Aimed primarily at beginners, Trident is also suitable for IEM “aficionados” looking for an affordable everyday use IEM.02 stand - Trident


Savanna is four balanced armature configuration with a linear output and acoustic music firmly in mind. Savanna places an emphasis on accuracy and transparency.02 stand - Savanna


Originally launched in 2015, the Savant has now been updated with the new Classic universal form factor.02 stand - Savant

Dulce Bass

Dulce Bass (‘sweet bass’) is an unashamedly bass-orientated IEM from its five balanced armature configuration.02 stand - Dulce Bass jpg


Django (silent ‘D’) is the range-topping model in the new universal-fit line, nestling just behind Noble’s existing flagship model, the Kaiser 10U. Django is a six balanced armature configuration IEM that maintains a well-balanced sonic signature throughout its operating range.02 stand - Django

All models are sensitive enough for use with smartphones, portable amps/DACs and DAPs and are hand assembled and matched. Each IEM comes with a detachable cable with an industry-standard two-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)

Pricing and availability (UK) 

All models will be available in April. Key: (suffix) C custom; S silicon; SLA 3-D printed Trident: £275; C £350; S £555

Savanna: £350; C £485; S £695; SLA £420

Savant: £420; SLA £835

Dulce Bass: £485; C £695; S £900; SLA £625 Django: £695; C £835; S £1050; SLA £765

Pricing (US)

Trident: $399; C $499; S $799

Savanna: $499; C $699; S $999; SLA $599 Savant: $599; SLA $1199; Prestige from $1599 Dulce Bass: $699; C $999; S $1299; SLA $899

Django: $999; C $1199; S $1499; Django SLA $1099


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