Noble Audio has introduced the very latest Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology to its range of IEMs (in-ear monitors). Its new five-strong SLA range of custom-fit IEMs (CIEMs), uses advanced 3D printing techniques to slash waiting times to under a fortnight, bringing bespoke-fit monitors to enthusiasts’ ears faster than ever before.SLA range low

The new SLA range is made in the USA with typical waiting times of around 10 days from the receipt of ear-impressions. There are five custom-fit models available, covering a range of performance and price points: Noble 4SLA (£399); Noble 5SLA (£499), Noble 6SLA (£599); the new Savant SLA (£699) and flagship 10-driver Kaiser 10SSLA (£820).

Each model features a hypoallergenic, FDA-approved (US Food and Drug Administration) lacquer. The SLA range is available in four colours: black; smoke; red and blue.

As with all custom-fit Noble Audio IEMs, to order, customers are invited to send their existing impressions in to Noble. Personal ear impressions can be taken by a local audiologist.

Impressions of customers’ ears are then scanned, digitized and stored making it convenient to order replacements, additional sets, or other models from the range.


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