NOLA will debut the Grand Reference VI (Pictured) at the upcoming 2012 Munich Hi End Show. This 4 tower system is the flagship model from New York State (US) based Nola and now incorporates Unison Crossover Technology so one pair of mono block amplifiers or one stereo amplifier can drive all four towers. Drive units have been upgraded to reduce moving mass and increase speed across the board. Nola say that “This system is considered by many to be the finest loudspeaker system available.”

NOLA will also debut, in conjunction with Upscale Audio, the KO Loudspeaker at The Show Newport Beach on June 1-3. KO is the top of the company’s Boxer collection and incorporates state of the art NOLA Reference Series concepts at a much more affordable price. Utilizing the company’s mirror-imaged short line source open baffle array the KO can fill medium to large rooms with ease, while providing “very high sound quality”. The KO loudspeaker from Nola employs four 4½” open baffle dipole midranges, four 1″  silk dome tweeters and 2 cast-frame aluminum cone bass drivers in separate ported chambers. A 90 dB sensitivity combined with an 8 ohm impedance allows KO to be driven by a large selection of amplifiers, including valves. New Unison Crossover Technology provides improved power utilization for higher effective efficiency. KO is available in Piano Cherry or Piano Black.

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