Nord Acoustics have released their Easy-Stream range of three WiFi Multiroom streaming products, including a mini 50W Integrated Amplifier.

This means that WiFi, Bluetooth, Multiroom, EQ, Spotifiy Connect, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn etc capable products and can now function on all Nord’s amplifiers with the optional addition of Easy-Stream IN.

Streaming App

Controlled by an easy to use, intuitive and stable streaming App for iOS and Android with voice prompts. Colin from Nord says: “Its the best, easiest and most stable App we have used”. Nord has partnered with a dedicated Audio Streaming company to bring you these new products, and to ensure continued updates and support.

Nord Easy-Stream Integrated Amp

The Easy-Stream Integrated Amp is a 50W Amp lightweight compact (W175mm) WiFi Streaming Integrated Amplifier with remote control, USB and RCA inputs. Easy-Stream Connect is a standalone Streamer with RCA out.  Easy-Stream IN can be specified built into all of Nord’s amplifiers.

The Easy-Stream range can be controlled by one app in a ten multiroom system. Prices are from £99-£199.

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