Nordost has introduced the new Frey 2 USB Cable and Frey 2 USB C Adapter. The Frey 2 USB Cable is the first of Nordost’s USB offerings to provide both USB C and 3.0 compatibility.  The Frey 2 USB C Adapter pairs with cables using Standard-A USB connectors (both 2.0 and 3.0 compatible), allowing them to be used with components that require a USB C termination.

The Frey 2 USB Cable uses solid core, silver-plated 99.99999% OFC signal conductors. Each conductor is wound to correspond with USB’s unique, hybrid twisted pair/non twisted pair geometry. The new Frey 2 cable uses Nordost’s proprietary FEP Micro Mono-Filament technology. The conductors are shielded with a dual layer of braid and foil shielding. Finally, before being terminated with C to Standard B (2.0), Standard B (3.0), or Micro B (3.0) plugs, Nordost say: “the Frey 2 USB is cut to mechanically tuned lengths, which reduce internal microphonics and high-frequency impedance resonance”.

The Frey 2 USB C Adapter utilises the exact same cable construction as the Frey 2 USB Cable, terminated with a male USB C connector on one end, and a female Standard-A connector (both 2.0 and 3.0 compatible) on the other.

The Frey 2 USB Cable is available in lengths from 0.6 Meters to 2 Meters while the Frey 2 USB C Adapter is 17cm. Suggested retail price for the Frey 2 USB Cable starts at $599.99 and is set at $274.99 for the Adapter. Nordost cables are designed, manufactured, and hand-terminated in the USA.


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