Nordost say that with the introduction of each new product, they continue “to push the “sonic boundaries” in every corner of the market”. However, there comes a point where simply increasing gauge size or changing materials will no longer lead to the level of improvements that Nordost deems worthy of a “step up” in range. In digital cabling, the Tyr 2 USB was their benchmark. In order to improve upon this cable and meet Nordost’s standard for its Reference Valhalla 2 range, a total redesign was in order.

For the first time, for the Valhalla 2 USB 2.0, Nordost is introducing a flat, twin-axial geometry to its USB cables. This layout allows the two signal wires to run parallel, compared to the standard twisted-pair configuration, shortening the signal path and, say Nordost, “drastically increasing transfer speeds”. Another advantage to a twin-axial design is the ability to separate the power (positive) and ground (negative) legs of the cable, isolating them from signal and each other.

The Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 then goes one step further, taking the precaution of isolating the signal conductors, by covering each power leg with a finely-braided, silver shield, as well as enclosing both signal conductors in their own braided, silver shields. Each shield is connected to the metal plated backshell, which says Nordost has the advantage of “completely ridding the cable of any EMI or RFI and eliminating noise”. In addition to these advances, the Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 still uses all of the main technologies and design structures that Nordost has built its reputation upon. The V2 USB 2.0 is constructed using four, 19 AWG solid core, silver-plated copper conductors. Each conductor, both power and signal, is suspended in Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, increasing the dielectric and mechanical damping, while maintaining the overall flexibility of the cable. It also takes advantage of Nordost’s mechanically tuned lengths. The V2 USB is completed with a HOLO:PLUG® connector, Nordost’s purpose-built this fully shielded, low mass USB connector.


4 x 19 AWG solid core silver-plated 99.999999% OFC conductors

Flat, Twin-axial design

Dual Mono-Filament technology

Individually shielded power and signal conductors

Gold plated HOLO:PLUG® Connectors

Mechanically tuned lengths

RoHS Compliant

Available in one metre increments up to 7 metres

SRP US$3,499.99 for a 1 metre length, additional 1 metre increments are US$1,200


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