Anne and Tony from NuNu Distribution took three large rooms at this year’s North West Audio Show and brought a whole load of kit up North for our enjoyment.

Their first room had an Oracle Paris turntable as front end and phonostage, Belles amplifier and brand new and rather fetching loudspeakers from Quadral. As if by magic Anne was playing one of my favourite records in the form of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours so I was more than happy to sit back and enjoy a few tunes in this particular room.

The static turntable with te luminous yellow trim is the Oracle Origine and lovely looking it was too.

Also good to see was Westminster Labs amp on display…great to have UK distribution for this very high-end amplifier.

In their second room NuNU had a very simple set up on demonstration that included the 75 W a channel Belles Aria integrated amplifier feeding a pair of Brodmann F series loudspeakers all been fed by a Novafidelity streamer.

Finally NuNu had the TAD room. High-end speakers and electronics along with another NovaFidelity streamer. A good few people were making very positive noises about this room in the bar.

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