Brian and Trevor are another pair of folk without whom life would be much more dull. Music should be about fun and great experiences and these two certainly add a bit of sparkle to the show.

This year, like last, they were in the Mercer room and using ATC Loudspeakers, Booplinth LP12, Linn LP12, Chord Cables, Linn, Naim, PS Audio, Quadraspire. Racks on the day were from Quadraspire and we were treated to a demonstration of the new Quadraspire QUP that is designed to fit under the feet of different products and give 75% of the performance of the company’s X- Reference Rack. Rather impressive stuff!

Brian and Trevor have played loud in previous years but this year they were a tad more subdued with the volume button, despite having plenty of power on tap. Their Booplinth for the LP12 is a thing of beauty too!!

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