Simon Shilton of SJS Electroacoustics has been building Arcadia triode amplifiers for the last twenty years and to celebrate the 20 years since the first SJS Arcadia Model 1 preamplifiers he teamed up with Living Voice loudspeakers, with who has worked for all that period.

SJS were demoing the new and hand made SJS Arcadia amplifiers; Model 3 riaa, Model 5 SE 300B and Model 7 preamplifier; with Living Voice loudspeakers and valves, and Kondo cables from Definitive Audio. Hifi Pig love 300B tubes and this system showed them off brilliantly. Speaking to Simon there is talk of a 300B PSE amp on the horizon which should deliver about 16 watts a side rather than the 8 the current amp delivers.

Look closely and the more observant among Hifi Pig readers will recognise the corner of a Voyd turntable from the late 80s that uses a three motor system.

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