The North West Audio Show takes place on the Sunday 26th June 2016, Cranage Hall AND Wychwood Park Cheshire. Tickets are free and you can claim yours here . 

Free entry, free parking, a day surrounded by the best in audio and all in the beautiful settings of Cranage Hall and Wychwood Park, Cheshire. They’ll also be laying on a FREE shuttle bus between the venues. 9.30 til 7pm. Hifi Pig is the official and only media partner for this great event and will be there to bring you all the news and will be having a bit of a surprise event in the bar at Cranage Hall at noon. Be there…it’ll be flipping ace!

Midland Audio Exchange will have the following in their room at this year’s North West Audio Show:2

Audio Research


Constellation audio

Tech das


Transparent Audio

Metronome Technologies

ReQuest Audio


Emm Labs

Their main system will include the following, all of which are making their UK debut:

1st uk show unveiling Magico S5 mII £39k

1st uk unveiling of Emm lab DA2 £25k DAC!

1st uk unveiling of Fuuga MC cartridge £7.5k

They also suggest there will be more surprises to be announced on the day.

iQ Speakers and Nord Amplifiers at North West Audio Show.

Nord Hypex NCore NC500 amps will be on show at the North West Audio Show and the importers urge visitors to come and hear why USA Audio Shark members are replacing expensive high end amps with their (from) £999 Nord Hypex amplifiers complete with discrete Voltage regulators and Op Amps.b58b715c-5c5f-45ce-95c2-76b8c54f76ef

They also build beautiful IPL Acoustic Speakers and have the Norwegian Abrahamsen Audio range in the UK.

Soundkaos will present their latest speaker LIBéRATION at the North West Audio Show.LIB_shop_4

After launching it at this year Munich High End show in May it will be the first outing in the UK. “Libération eliminates the box and with it, box colourations, port issues, nonlinear pressurisation of the drivers and attempts at choking half the speaker’s output with internal damping materials. LIB_shop_5

Unlike many other open baffles, Libération also eliminates the messy derriere by covering both front and rear in attractive phosphor-bronze mesh covers. The driver array combines two bespoke 8-inch Enviée widebanders with a Raal ribbon super tweeter and a massive 15” woofer to add scale and spatiality with real authority.”

The very latest audiophile quality mains power lead from IsoTek Systems will launch at the Audio Show Cranage Hall in the MCRU room.
The EVO3 Initium features OFC conductors and is factory terminated with copper mains plugs and IEC, 1.5 metres long and already positively reviewed by HiFi+ magazine who have now adopted the Initium as their standard power cable.
Kralk Audio, headed up by Alan Clark and based in West Yorkshire, will have on display at the show (in the Faraday Room) their new updated Kralk Audio DTLPS-1 Elite speakers, BC-30 Black Cats, and the BC-30-3.


Amplification will be by Yaqin in the form of the MS-845 Mono blocks.krqlk2

The Turntable will be the Classic Turntable Company’s CTC-301 with SME arm


Sound Damped Steel has launched a new brand to its portfolio which is dedicated to enhancing the hifi experience.  The hifi enhancing products will be distributed under the Soundeck brand.Soundeckwithfeet

The Isoplatmat is now coated with a vinyl finish which is washable, it is available in black or silver. Vinyl is very sympathetic to the record surface so it isn’t necessary to use a soft mat as an interface with the record. They are now called Soundeck DP295 or DP285 (sp12 etc.) for platters with a perimeter lip.

Isofeet are now called Soundeck DF they are black 75mm rectangles or disks.

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