Anne and Tony from Nu Nu Distribution are stalwarts of the North West Audio Show and always got to great lengths to give visitors to the show something a little different and out of the ordinary and this year is no exception. 


The first opportunity to see the new X35 and N15D from Novafidelity 


Your chance to hear the new ME1 TAD speakers playing with TAD electronics and using the Novafidelity X50


FS and F1 speakers will be using the Oracle Paris turntable, phono stage and CD Player in stunning white.


First time in the UK you have the opportunity to see the New Platinum 9  and Rhodan 9 speakers


The Creaktiv BoxIt range will be displaying one of its stand alone units which is not only stylish and hides all cables but also has the qualities of the Creaktiv racks to help improve your sound.

Nu Nu Will also have the incredible Westminster Labs amplifier at the show

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