NuPrime Audio has announced the release of NuPrime DAC-10H, a DAC & Headphone Amplifier (MSRP$1,795) and NuPrime ST-10, a Reference LE class ST-10
power amplifier (MSRP$1595). The DAC-10H offers PCM 384K & DSD256 decoding with a high-power balanced headphone amplifier. This DAC with dual headphones outputs has 6 gain settings.

The DAC-10H’s balanced headphone amplifier is capable of driving headphones in balanced and single-ended configuration and can be used with up to two dynamic headphones. With five digital & two analog stereo inputs, the DAC-10H is a full-featured DAC and preamp.

The ST-10 amplifier is NuPrime’s Reference LE class power amplifier for listeners who require a reference-class amplifier at a somewhat lesser power rating of 2 x 150W (8 Ohm).


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