oBravo has announced that it has released a new earphone, which they say is their “ultimate value proposition”; the ‘Cupid’ Basic.

The Basic version has been introduced as a result of customer feedback for those not requiring the high-quality OCC silver plated balanced cable of the Cupid.

oBravo Cupid Basic

The Cupid Basic has been introduced as oBravo’s entry-level offering, utilising oBravo’s patented 8mm planar tweeter alongside a neodymium dynamic driver. The brass enclosure has been finished in a black gold coating.

Phil Wannell, of oBravo UK commented “The Cupid Basic earphones use technology usually only seen in very expensive earphones or headphones. Some of the most incredible features of the Cupid Basic earphones include its state-of-the-art patented planar magnetic driver, its NDD dynamic driver and its 3.5mm OCC removable cable, perfect for use with a smartphone or portable player.”

Braided Cable

The oBravo Cupid Basic earphones come with a high-quality Ohno continuous casting (OCC) braided cable terminated with a gold plated 3.5mm jack. PRIME and Ultimate editions of Cupid are also available with different cable options at an additional cost.

Price & Availability

The oBravo Cupid Basic wired earphone is available now for £169/$179

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