The team at oBravo has announced that they are releasing anew earphone called ‘Cupid’.

“The Cupid earphones use our own, advanced planar dynamic technology, which is usually only seen in very expensive earphones or headphones and we are proud to be introducing it at a very reasonable price with such amazing technology.” Says Phil Wannell of oBravo UK, while talking about Cupid. “We are introducing these earphones at an unbelievable price of only £249 and we are welcoming everyone to try them at one of our official partners, Selfridges, London and listen to the astonishing earphone experience that they offer.” He added.

oBravo Cupid IEMs

Cupid by oBravo is a result of patented planar technology, these earphones come with a Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) litz cable, which is finished with a gold-plated brass 2.5mm balanced jack along with a separate 3.5mm cable. It’s ergonomically shaped brass enclosure is electroplated in a high gloss finish.

“Some of the most incredible features of Cupid by oBravo earphones include its state-of-the-art Planar Magnetic Driver, its NDD Dynamic Driver and its OCC Removable Cable.” Said Phil while talking about the benefits of Cupid. “We are introducing Cupid as our entry level offering, providing everything people love about our existing products at an economical price”.

Price And Availability

oBravo Cupid is available now priced at £249

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