Octave have launched their very first single-ended amplifier. The V16 Single-Ended has a range of high-end elements as well as an integrated headphone amp.

Through a dedicated development process, the V16 Single-Ended combines Octave’s signature features of powerful dynamics, low noise and incredible stability. The component also achieves a 100 kHz bandwidth spec, something previously thought impossible in single-ended amplifiers.

Octave’s decision to create a single-ended amplifier with their specially developed technology was down to the fact that the circuitry is desirable for its natural audio reproduction. The technology offers clarity and sonic benefits, making them perfect for high-efficiency loudspeakers and headphones.

The single-ended design has a harmonic sonic signature, meaning that there is an lucid midrange with no crossover distortion.

Designing the V16 did not come without it’s challenges, as single-ended topology has known limitations. Level reduction in the bass and high frequencies, limited bandwidth issues, high residual noise in loudspeaker output and high temperatures during high-current in Class-A operation all had to be tackled.

After careful research and testing, Octave managed to overcome these barriers. The V16 remains linear at 10Hz, the bandwidth has been extended from 10Hz to 100kHz, hum is reduced by specially placed electronic stabilisation circuits and utilises Octave’s Ecomode technology and automatic adjustment in Class-A mode to keep the amplifier from overheating.

The component made its public debut at this year’s High End Show in Munich. The V16 Single-Ended Integrated Amplifier will be available in the UK from Elite Audio and is set to retail at £7,495.






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