After forming in high school, SPIRIT OF THE BEAR quickly became one of the most fresh and exciting bands to emerge in the Northeast Ohio indie scene with their unique blend of indie rock, pop, and electronic sensibilities coupled with their affinity for classic songwriting.


Since relocating to Columbus, Ohio, the band has been “giving bedroom pop a new spin” (The 405) and “showing a cutting-edge versatility and unique sound” (What The Kids Want). Spirit of the Bear’s years of musical experience are accentuated by their use of two keyboard players, which brings out a unique depth to their sound. Their lifelong friendship also creates a magnetic chemistry onstage, making their live show just as exciting as their records.

Their forthcoming, self-titled album is their first record they’ve made post-college, with time to look back and reflect on how they’ve grown and where they’re going. They wrote most of the record over 8 days isolated in a cabin in the Daniel Boone National Forest, resulting in a wide-eyed appreciation for the purity of nature and their friendships. In recording the album, they enlisted the help of more friends than ever before. Spirit of the Bear is their fourth full length album. Release date pending due to the pandemic.

Despite the uncertain release, the band are sharing the first single off the record, the glistening “Summer Snow”.

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