This chunk of tuneage landed on my desktop this afternoon from international dance music label Cómeme who whilst based in Europe release music mainly from Latin America. It’s the third Volume of ONE NIGHT IN CÓMEME! – a new series of compilations including a selection of released tracks, unreleased surprises and alternate versions of Cómeme dance tracks from DJs Pareja, Christian S, Dany F, Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder, Danilo Maloso, Matias Aguayo, Sano, Philipp Gorbachev, The District Union, Capracara and many more!

Having given it a quick listen I can categorically state that this is very much my kind of music! Ok, this isn’t going to do it for your average metal fan or hardened classical music aficionado, but it certainly got our asses moving at Hifi Pig towers.

Volume 3 kicks of with a tribal tinged track from Ana Helder, moves onto a more laid back (not much mind) track in the guise of Gladkzuka’s “El Untitled” (Sano Pantera version) – it’s insistent, monotonous and brings to mind dark and dingy clubs I used to frequent in the not too distant, and indeed very recent, past.

Track 3 (Duro by Alejandro Paz) is a slightly more upbeat number again with a nagging bassline, crisp hats and a fabulously spellbinding sample. If you’re looking for big rooms tunes then look elsewhere, this is a tune you’ll love for its simplicity and whilst it doesn’t have the classic soaring acid 303 lines it does remind me of the Acid Trax tunes of the eighties.

 “Eat Me” by Ana Helder follows and has a spectacularly funky bassline, another great set of samples and, thanks be to Jack, cowbells. This is techno music with funk, attitude and a deliciously mental attitude.

Alejandro Paz and The District Union are up next, closely followed by Matias Aguayo and again I’m instantly transported to the halcyon days of seriously great dance music until the next track by Dany F comes up which does little more than reinforce this feeling. It’s a great 808/909 work out – it’s called El Facto Jack and it’s not surprising that it’s very much a “jack-track” in the greatest tradition.

Matius Aguayo follows and this is perhaps the tune that isn’t the most instantly gratifying, though it still appeals with its darkness and grittiness drawing you into its groove and that’s what’s great about this kind of music – it draws you in, spins your brain around and moves you from the feet up!

Well I knew it wouldn’t be long and the next track by DJs Pareja and Philipp Gorbachev confirms my expectations as it has the 303 delivering a classic acid house bassline with a really cool Spanish sample laid over the top. It is classic acid house in the very best tradition.

Ana Helder serves up another slice of funky pie on Beating PC. It’s dirty and funky in equal measure and has a great funky guitar sample – ok, did I mention it’s funky as hell!!

Last up is Lechuga Zafiro and his completely nuts Sapo de Manga. Now when I say nuts I mean nuts in a really, really superior way.

Ok, this album isn’t going to appeal to everyone I know, but if you have even the vaguest recollection of truly great acid house and the repetitive beats of the late 80s, then this is an album you really can’t not have in your collection. It’s instantly addictive, grubby and after a lengthy hiatus away from new house music has restored my faith that there are still great producers out there making music. It’s four to the floor, quirky and hypnotic. You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew or gentile. It don’t make no difference in our house…and this is FRESH!

9 out of 10

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