Henley Audio have announced two more special edition styli are coming to the Ortofon 2M range of moving magnet cartridges. After the earlier release of the Stylus 2M Blue 100 (February 2018), Ortofon have now unveiled the Stylus 2M Bronze 100 and Stylus 2M Black 100. 

The Stylus 2M Bronze 100 and Stylus 2M Black 100 are special edition production runs of the standard stylus models. Featuring the same technical specifications as the original 2M Bronze and Black, respectively, the models are identified by the Ortofon Anniversary logo printed on the underside of the stylus body.


As with the 2M Blue 100, these new styli have been released to incentivise customers to upgrade their audio experience during Ortofon’s 100th anniversary year. Though they have all the same features as the standard models, the Stylus 2M Bronze 100 and Stylus 2M Black 100 will actually offer customers a saving against the normal replacement stylus price. Stylus 2M Bronze 100, £185.00 (normal SRP £230.00). Stylus 2M Black 100, £300.00  (normal SRP £370.00). Stylus 2M Blue 100 and Stylus 2M Bronze 100 are available now. Stylus 2M Black 100 is available from October 2018.




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