Hifi Pig recently introduced a new level of award over and above the Recommended award along 1OUTSTANDINGwith a new points system for reviews. We’ve kept it as simple as possible but we strongly believe that a second independent review of a product that achieves an overall score of 8.5 or above in its first review gives a good deal of credibility to the award. For more information on Outstanding Product Award please read our FAQ section.

When Hifi Pig published Jerry Jacobs review of the RFC Pluto II Interconnects he awarded them an astonishing clean-sweep of 10 out of 10 in all areas – build quality, sound quality and value for money and stated “At £105 for a 1m pair the value for money is completely out of sight.They are the best cables I have heard at any price and I have bought the review pair”. Now that is high praise indeed but they now needed a second opinion.

Off the cables went to Danny Worth for a second independent assessment and he too enjoyed the Pluto IIs very much saying “In their price range, popular mainstream branded cables simply sit in awe of the Pluto’s capabilities and comparing them to the rest in this review should be a joke” whilst offering them an over all score of 8.5 which means that the Pluto IIs from Reference fidelity components become the first product to receive Hifi Pig’s Outstanding Product Award.

Our congratulations go out to Paul at Reference Fidelity Components. You can read the full review here.

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