Oxford Audio Consultants will be having an event at Oxford University, playing a £6,300 lacquer of Sarah Vaughan, Live at Laren Jazz Festival in 1975, that only survives one play.

Just like tasting a great wine or living the pure experience of a live concert, listening to a lacquer is a fleeting chance that can only be lived once.

Event details:

Playing a £6,300 lacquer of Sarah Vaughan Live at Laren Jazz Festival in 1975 that only survives one play
• Music reproduction like never before
• A unique music performance
• Exclusive free event at the historic Holywell Music Room at Oxford University
• Afterwards champagne and canapes at Oxford Audio Consultants

Saturday 4th February Free Concert at Holywell Music Room, Oxford University. 5.30 for 6pm, afterwards Champagne & Canapes at Oxford Audio. 7.30 to 9pm.

A free event limited to 50 people. Booking in advance with Oxford Audio is required in order to attend.

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