At this year’s High End show in Munich, visitors can experience high end audio not just limited to the home but also inPag_1 three high end motor cars.

Pagani and Sonus Faber

The exhibitor Audio Reference  from Hamburg is presenting one of the most exciting sports cars on Earth, equipped  with the exclusive Sonus Faber system.  In future, Pagani, the Italian producer of luxury sports cars, will be fitting its vehicles with these exclusive sound systems. One of the ultimate dream cars with a price tag of around  €1.4m will be at the show. (All pics are of this system)


Porche and Burmester

The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer Porsche and the high-end audio company Burmester from Berlin have been working closely together for years now.

All in all the new Porsche  Cayenne boasts 16 speakers with a total diaphragm area of 1,400 cm2. Providing in excess  of 1,000 watts of output. This is enough to produce over 120 decibels  of sound pressure in the vehicle, meaning that a large orchestra or hard rock band can be listened to at the original volume. Each of the 16 loudspeakers is controlled by its own preamp and power amp. Technologies and materials used from Burmester’s home audio range are used in the car’s system.

Volkswagon Touareg with Dynaudio

This year Dynaudio is presenting the Volkswagen Touareg with the Dynaudio Confidence premium sound system. 620 watts, 12 speakers and the latest DSP technology are boasted. All the chassis fitted in this Volkswagen are  hand-finished components from Dynaudio’s main plant in the Danish town of Skanderborg.

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