Icelandic/Russian Psychedelic duo (take a deep breath, that was a lot), Pale Moon, share their debut single “Exile.” The track is the first to be released off the band’s upcoming EP, Dust of Days, expected April 5th, 2019.

After taking a spiritual and solitary journey to give his music the time and focus it deserved, Arni (vocals, instrumentals), recorded “Exile” somewhere during those outlawing days on his own to underline the feeling of his newfound lonesome working experience. All the while, Nata (vocals) was supplying him with a constant chain of new ideas for songs.

“It’s the first song that was recorded for the band. The main theme and idea for the song were written in Mexico on a banged up guitar while we were visiting friends there. On the plane back to Iceland I was whining about never having time to work on music due to daily errands. Nata said: quit your yapping and take your music gear to your parents’ farmhouse in the country site. My parents had recently bought a new farm where they moved their whole horse breeding operation, so the old farmhouse was basically up for grabs.

I moved my whole studio there and started working on “Exile” and “Waiting for the Sun” which are the two songs that we wrote on that Mexico trip. The title of “Exile” has nothing to do with the lyrics but I just had read Keith Richards biography, in that book he’s talking about the Rolling Stones record “Exile on Main street”. I was very inspired by that amazing record as with the whole idea of seeking exile to get away from life for a while to work on your kraft.  The song opened up a new chapter of our lives and made us take our songwriting collaboration more seriously.” –Arni of Pale Moon    

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