Pass Labs say that “we don’t change our products unless we feel that the changes are significant improvements over previous versions”. At AXPONA This year they are launching a new series of preamplifiers, the XP-22 Preamp and the XP-27 Phono.

Replacing the XP-20 Preamplifier that was introduced in 2008, the new XP-22 uses double shielded, low-noise toroidal transformers in an external supply connected via aviation-grade circular connectors using silver over oxygen-free copper. The power supply is dual mono, with two transformers.

The gain circuitry continues to use transistors from Toshiba but has a larger, higher-biased, output stage like the Xs Preamp, and includes auto bias. The volume control is a single stage instead of two stages and has more range. Suggested Retail Price: $9,500.

The twin-chassis XP-27 Phono Preamp uses double-shielded, low-noise toroidal transformers in an external supply, connected via aviation-grade circular connectors using silver over oxygen-free copper.

The power supply is dual mono with two transformers. The XP-27 input and gain circuitry are similar to that found in the Xs Phono. Suggested Retail Price: $11,500.



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