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Perlisten Audio, an audio company founded by a team of industry professionals, is now shipping its reference tower speaker, S7t, and a matching centre channel monitor, S7c, along with four subwoofers.

We originally brought you the news of this new brand at the start of this year when they were first announced at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 in January, the four-way S7t features technologies and a design that are unique to the brand.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

PerListen Audio’s flagship tower speaker, S7t, and D212s subwoofer, with THX Dominus Certification


“Five months after making ourselves known in the U.S. we’re thrilled to make available the first selection of reference-quality Perlisten Audio products,” said Dan Roemer, CEO, Perlisten Audio. “The S7t is indicative of the excruciatingly precise attention to detail that is a hallmark of any product bearing the Perlisten Audio name.”


The reference S7t tower speaker (SRP: $8,000/each and up, depending upon the choice of colour and/or wood veneer) serves as a prime example of the company’s ground-up approach to speaker design. As the world’s first THX® Certified Dominus speaker, the four-way S7t is the missing link between large home A/V speakers and full-size models created for leading movie theatres across the globe.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

Perlisten Audio S7t tower speaker

With all drivers designed by the company’s US-based engineering team, rooms up to 6,500 cubic feet of space and 20 feet of distance between the screen and main seating area will achieve THX Reference Level sonics — dialogue, music, and sound effects immerse the listener in immaculate, distortion-free sonics. Likewise, in two-channel systems, the S7t completes the in-studio experience with a naturally wide soundstage that puts the listener in the 10th-row centre seat of an acoustically precise concert hall.

Epitomizing Perlisten Audio’s commitment to detail, the S7t achieves the goal of total harmonic distortion (THD) rated below .5%at 90dB listening levels, and distortion limits at 120 dB SPL.

Perlisten’s patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide is centred by three 28mm “beamforming” tweeter and midranges to accurately control vertical and horizontal dispersion. A beryllium tweeter with expanded bandwidth to 40kHz and a rear absorption chamber reduces internal reflections to the bare minimum. The company’s S Series models all share the same DPC array, benefitting from a timbre matching technique utilizing beryllium and advanced carbon fibre. Whether configured as bass reflex or acoustic suspension, the S7t will meet the demands of any large-scale listening room. Four 7” bass drivers with TeXtreme® carbon fibre cones that are up to 30% lighter than standard carbon fibre while increasing the strength through the stacking of multiple layers.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

The PerListen DPC Waveguide

Dominus is the newest and the largest performance class of THX Certification, meant to bridge the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in commercial movie theatres and exhibits. Home theatre owners with rooms up to 184 cubic meters of space and up to a 6-meter viewing distance (or up to 6500 cubic feet and up to 20 feet, respectively) can fill their listening rooms with the superior audio quality they expect from THX Certified products.


Complementing the S7t tower is the matching S7c centre channel monitor. (SRP: $7,000.) As advanced a model as the S7t, the S7c, like all of the company’s S Series of speakers, features Perlisten Audio’s DPC-Array, controlling mid/high frequencies, in addition to the company’s 28mm Beryllium dome and dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight domes.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

Perlisten Audio S7c centre Channel speaker

The S7c offers extremely wide horizontal dispersion and controlled vertical imaging, which is essential considering centre channel monitors are typically placed lower than other speakers. The controlled vertical dispersion reduces the floor reflections that can blur the critical midrange. And, like the S7t, the S7c is a THX® Certified Dominus speaker.


“Contrary to the approach taken by some manufacturers, the design team at Perlisten Audio knows that a single approach doesn’t fit every home audio scenario,” said Dan Roemer, CEO, Perlisten Audio. “Knowing that every room presents opportunities and challenges, our subwoofer selection lets music- and movie-lovers choose the best design for their systems, with each sub representing the best performance and value for the price point.”


Combining the benefits of a push-pull acoustic suspension design with the engineering and aesthetics that are hallmarks of the Perlisten Audio brand, the D212s  and D215s feature two identical drivers – one faces up into the sealed cabinet and the other faces forward. The push-pull approach achieves two clear goals: twice the volume displacement and cancellation of each driver’s harmonic distortions.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer

The company employs Advanced FEA (finite element analysis) to reach Perlisten Audio’s high level of optimization requirements to create two woofers with 60mm peak linear excursion. Proprietary carbon fibre drivers produce extreme levels of bass without sacrificing total harmonic distortion (THD). Both the D212s and D215s have an array of balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a high-performance 3kW amplifier with 32bit ARM four-core processor with 48bit data path DSP. By using Perlisten’s app, consumers and installers can fine-tune up to eight of the company’s subwoofers.

The D212s and D215s subwoofers are, respectively, $6,995 and $8,995, and are available in a premium high gloss finish, in black or white.


In addition to the two push-pull models, Perlisten Audio offers the D12s and D15s acoustic suspension subwoofers, both of which feature the attention to detail as the dual woofer models, but with a single, ultra-high performance driver in a sealed acoustic suspension design. Like the S7t tower speaker, all Perlisten Audio subwoofers are THX® Certified Dominus*, ensuring a qualified theatre experience in the largest home installations.

Perlisten Audio S Series Speakers

Perlisten Audio D15s Subwoofer

The D12s and D15s subwoofers are, respectively, $3,995 and $4,995, and are available in a premium high gloss finish, in black or white.

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