Now on sale in the UK – Gibson Innovations presents the Philips BM5, the first product on the new Izzy multi-room platform.

Izzy combines the easy connection of Bluetooth with the robust networking and audio quality of Wi-Fi all at the push of a single button.

Just connect to one speaker via Bluetooth, and Izzylink will do the rest – no Wi-Fi router connection or passwords required. Izzy will automatically find and connect to all Izzy products in the home, so you can stream throughout, from room-to-room.

Philips Izzy allows you to listen to all the music from your favorite apps – with no restrictions – from any smartphone or tablet.

Philips Izzy BM5 BM5_speaker

The compact multi-room Philips Izzy BM5 speaker has a simple user interface, attractive design and is available in two different colors.

The BM5 connects easily to your playback device using a Bluetooth connection and is equipped with two 2.5” full-range drivers and  integrated bass port.

Each individual speaker can be used either alone or paired with up to four other Izzy speakers by pressing the ‘Group’ button. No apps and no passwords are needed, so the BM5s can be used straight out of the box.

Further products featuring the Izzylink technology will follow including the BM50 CD+ flat micro allowing consumers to steam radio and CD through their other Izzy speakers.

The Philips Izzy BM5 is priced at £99.99


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