PIG promoted the UK release of his current studio album ‘The Gospel’ with a recent UK tour. The ‘Swine & Punishment’ trek was jointly headlined with Mortiis and took in nine cities that culminated with a London show at Elektrowerkz.

PIG mainman Raymond Watts and Mortiis have also recently reworked one of each other’s songs for new remix records. Appropriately entitled ‘Swine & Punishment’, PIG’s contains plenty of both from the diva of industrial. Indeed, with its release we truly hear the sound of the lunatics rampant in the asylum of PIG. Watts has unlocked the door to his innermost (song) parts and what mayhem various Apostles of Pork have wrung from what were once upstanding (and outstanding) songs from ‘The Gospel’….

Whatever possessed Watts to throw his baby into the swamp-like minds and imaginations of these miscreant ‘musicians’ we can only guess at, but to our complete and utter surprise all of his songs seem to have returned to the sty a little bitter and better, and a lot fitter and fatter. Now they await patiently at the gate for the listener to slaughter and feast upon.

To take a tour into the hideous and malignant workings of Oumi Kapila’s monstrously mutant version of ‘Viva Evil’ is to truly understand why he had to leave Australia for the mad and murky underbelly of LA where he can safely ply his trade with the likes of those angelic folk in Combichrist and Filter. And he is not alone, as this release seems to be a veritable who’s who of the creme de la creme of those dispossessed drama queens of industrial. From the sour andsobering to the sweet and serene they’re all here; Skold, Marc Heal, Android Lust, Kanga, London After Midnight, Indradevi, Mortiis, Chris Vrenna, Pull Out Kings, Inertia, Joe Haze.

Even Watts himself joins in the general mayhem. As a special reward to those hardy souls who don’t find themselves wrecked on the rocky shores of Skold’s remix, Watts includes ‘Violence’ (not the threat of, but the song), previously only obtainable on the vinyl format of ‘The Gospel’.

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