Pioneer Europe has unveiled eight new stereo components and new components complete Pioneer’s new stereo line-up, after the December ’11 introduction of its N-50 and N-30 network audio players. The new stereo components include the A-70, A-50, A-30 (pictured), A-20 and A-10 amplifiers, and the PD-50, PD-30, PD-10 SACD players.

Philippe Coppens, Technology and Product Information Manager at Pioneer Europe said “The top-of-the-line A-70 amplifier will be tuned according to exacting professional standards by the internationally respected AIR Studios in London. The AIR Studios quality seal is proof not only of the extraordinary engineering that has gone into these audio units, but also of the exceptionally high quality of their craftsmanship and carefully selected electronic components.”

The A-70 and A-50 amplifiers come equipped with high efficiency power MOS FET (Class D) amplification optimised for “pure sound reproduction.”

In addition, the AIR Studios tuned A-70 amplifier features ESS 192 Khz / 32 bit SABRE32DACs, and offers an integrated asynchronous USB DAC solution capable of handling 192 kHz / 32 bit sources

The Class AB based A-30, A-20 and A-10 are built using large transformers and have a L/R symmetrical construction with “direct energy design”. The A-30 offers 70W + 70W, whereas both the A-20 and A-10 deliver 50W + 50W. All amplifiers feature a MM Phono input, with the A-70 adding MC support.

The PD-50, PD-30 and PD-10 represent the company’s latest SACD Players. The PD-50 is fitted with twin transformers separating the analogue and digital power supply and incorporates Pioneer’s Hi-bit DSP technology (32bit). The PD-10 comes with a front USB connection, with both the PD-50 and the PD-30 adding full support for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Users who want to take advantage of the state-of-the-art DAC design of the PD-50 can connect the digital output of available sources via the coaxial or optical DAC input.
The A-30 amplifier will be available as of May, followed by the A-20 and A-10 in June. The A-70 and A-50 will be available in September. The PD-30 and PD-10 Super Audio CD players will be available in July, followed by the PD-50 in September.

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