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PMC ci Custom Install series speakers have been chosen as the reference for the dedicated Dolby Atmos mix room recently installed at mixing and mastering specialists, Audio Animals.

The PMC ci Series are used both in the production of immersive Dolby Atmos soundtracks and music, as well for the replay of movies and music in customers’ homes.

PMC Ci Series At Audio Animals

The PMC ci series installed at Audio Animals


Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall of Audio Animals visited PMC Studio London and then made the decision to install PMC in their new Dolby Atmos mixing studio.

“We chose PMC because we were quite simply blown away by the quality of what we heard in the London demo facility,” Paul Ashmore says. “I was amazed by the sound and said to myself if I get this sound in my own studio, that would be incredible.”

Audio Animals ordered a PMC system comprising 15 ci series monitors. These have now been installed in 9.1.4 configuration that fully meets Dolby’s specification for its Atmos immersive audio format.

Paul Ashmore continued: “I needed to ensure that our new room met all the required Dolby Atmos measurements and specifications,” he explains. “The ci series was perfect because they aren’t as deep as speakers that sit onto stands, so we were able to build more acoustic treatment into our walls. They also look amazing and with the wall-mounted speakers, plus two ci140 subs on either side of the centre speaker, you have a seven-speaker wall of sound in front of you that has some serious punch.”

London-based Audio Animals is known for delivering high-quality mixing and mastering to artists around the world. Its clients include artists such as French Montana, Flo Rida and George Ezra, as well as numerous Hollywood films such as Aladdin, X-Men, Frozen 2 and Avengers 4: End Game.

PMC Ci Series At Audio Animals

PMC ci series speakers


For Custom Installers, the 2019 launched PMC ci series, is suited for use in dedicated movie and music rooms. The speakers are so designed that most of the models can be installed either on-wall or in-wall, giving absolute flexibility for the custom installer. For example, the in-wall ci140 and ci140 subs, as used at Audio Animals, can be mounted within a baffle wall and behind a perforated screen for the LCR channels. And, for the rear effects and height channels, smaller models, such as the ci30 or ci45, can be surface mounted using the optional On-Wall-Kit with its dedicated cabinet sleeve to make then into aesthetically harmonious on-wall speakers.

About a year ago in October 2020, demand was such that the British brand opened a new production facility for the PMC ci series.


The PMC ci series has been finding fans around the world in the custom installation sector due to its ease of installation, the flexibility of mounting options and PMC sound quality. As Ian Sutton, divisional director for PMC Distribution UK puts it, “For the first time it is now possible for custom installation companies to supply their customers with the very same speakers used in the studios to mix Dolby Atmos music and movies.” He continues, “This gives PMC installers a considerable competitive advantage, as they can guarantee their installs will be reproducing the recorded sound exactly like companies such as Audio Animals heard it in the studio.”

HiFi Pig Says: Fantastic to see British brand PMC at the forefront of Dolby Atmos technology, and championing its use for music as we as film soundtracks.


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