At the Audio Video Show in Warsaw (17-19 November) the collective, Polish Audio Cluster (Polski Klaster Audio) will be exhibiting in the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel in rooms 314 and 316.

In 2014 group of Polish producers of audio equipment formed a group called Polski Klaster Audio. The main idea was to associate the companies which manufacture high quality equipment. Each member can offer it’s products independently, for clients they can also design coherent systems in both the terms of how they play musicand how ithey look.

The group will present two systems set up especially for the show with both well known components and some brand new ones too.

The systems will comprise of equipment from:

Audiomica Laboratory – audio cables 

Avcon – loudsepakers and acoustic panels 

Encore Seven /EGG-SHELL – vacuum tube amplifiers 

J.Sikora – turntables 

Shape Of Sound – turntables

VAP – audio accessories, furniture, stands 

Yayuma – sound processor 

Zeta Zero – loudspeakers 


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