Portento Audio is a new business based in Turin (Italy) devoted to the production and sale of hand-crafted hi-fi cables and accessories. powerstrip1

“Portento Audio’s mission aims to preserve the musical message in its entirety, focusing on the listener’s main target: Music. In order to achieve this, top-quality materials have been carefully chosen, like the low-mass RCA connector with a customized aluminium body. All this is meant to hit music at its heart, by delivering solid and exciting playback quality” comments Pier Paolo of Portento.

Portento audio delivers a wide range of products: from analogue interconnect cables to digital ones, USB, speaker and power cables.

Electronics includes a power distributor machined from aluminium and the versatile power distributor/conditioner Powercond. It’s about a mix of electronics and technology, which main feature consists of six switched outlets divided in two groups, a parallel power line filter, a galvanic isolation transformer for digital sources and a digital voltmeter.

Portento Audio is aimed to an audience who cares about quality, sensitive about finishes, but also to the budget-conscious audiophile.

Portento Audio will be present at the Munich High End 2015 Exhibition at Hall 03, Stand L04.



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