Noble Audio, in-ear monitor specialist, has added three new solid materials to its flagship Prestige Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) line. The range-topping Prestige models are hand-crafted entirely from solid mediums including exotic woods, carbon glass, genuine honeycomb and aluminium webbing, and now Noble Audio has added three new options: Pablo (pictured), Pinecone and Space Zebra. Noble Audio Prestige Pablo

Pablo is a fresh new colourful material that’s Cubist in appearance. Pinecone sees tiny pinecones carefully cast in fabulous colours for a spider-like appearance, and Space Zebra comprises thousands of layers of knitted material, cut and combined at angles.

The Prestige (solid materials) option applies to two custom-fit models from the Noble Audio range: the flagship 10-driver Kaiser 10 and the new Savant.

The Prestige process begins with digitising acrylic moulds of the inner ear where over 2.5 million points of data are collected and manipulated per ear. Once digitised, the pieces are shaped from a solid medium in a CNC process that can take up to 30 hours per ear. Each piece is then hollowed-out by hand to accommodate the driver assembly and internals, before being finished with a hypoallergenic lacquer and buffed.

Prestige comes with a detachable two-pin cable and further supplied accessories include the Storm Box (crush-proof carrying case), black velvet carrying pouch, two Noble Audio bands or amp bands, a cleaning tool, a Noble cable plus an ownership card. It carries a two-year limited warranty.​

Savant Prestige (from £1,115); Pinecone £1,185; Space Zebra £1,255; Pablo £1,325

Kaiser 10 Prestige (from £1,800); Pinecone £1,870; Space Zebra £1,940; Pablo £2,010


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