Presto Music, the worldwide e-commerce site for classical and jazz recordings, sheet music, music books and musical instruments, has announced the launch of the Presto Music mobile app, to allow its customers to stream music purchased via the site on a range of devices.


Already available as a web player, Presto Music’s customers can now also access their full download and CDs collections on the Presto Music mobile app. The app is available on iOS and Android phones and allows customers to start listening to new purchases, as well as everything they’ve previously purchased from Presto online, at the click of a button.

Presto Music Mobile App For Jazz And Classical music

Presto Music Mobile App For Jazz And Classical Music


Available as a free download on Google Play and the App Store, the Presto Music app allows full lossless streaming up to 24 bit, 192 kHz. Customers can listen to their favourite recordings whilst reading booklets, reviews and completing other day to day activities on their mobile devices. Built on the MPEG4-SLS codec, listening on the move is not a problem as Presto say the audio will continue seamlessly without any buffering even when moving in and out of areas of poor mobile connection.


Customers can choose to limit the bitrate to save data costs if they desire, and can save content offline to avoid data costs completely when out and about. The app also works with the phone’s built in Airplay and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing customers to listen to their full collection via any compatible wireless speaker. The built-in search and sort functionality allows users to browse in a variety of ways and also find specific recordings quickly even amongst vast collections.

Chris O’Reilly, CEO of Presto Music says “As a business whose e-commerce platform experienced significant growth over the past year, we have come to appreciate how important it is to develop our digital offering in line with our customers’ needs. As a result, we believe that launching an app that enables seamless streaming of our customers’ music library will add significant value to the user experience.” He concludes: “Ultimately, the thing we are most passionate about is delivering  an enriched listening experience for our customers, one that allows them to relax and immerse themselves in their favourite composers, performers, conductors and instrumentalists.”

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