Primare has produced an aptX Bluetooth upgrade for their PRE60 preamplifier, NP30 network player and the MM30 equipped BTUgall1network streaming versions of the I32 integrated amplifier and PRE32 pre-amplifier.

The Bluetooth Upgrade takes the form of a small internal circuit board and external antenna which installs easily, the threaded antenna input replacing the FM/DAB terminal on the MM30 fascia and using a vacant (pre-prepared) portal on the back panel of the PRE60 and NP30.

For compatibility with Primare’s audio design, the receiver-only module supports high quality Bluetooth via aptX, AAC, MP3 but rather than use an integrated DAC (as employed by other BT upgrades) the output is fed to the product’s own Sample Rate Converter and up-sampled to 192kHz through the existing DACs.

Following a software update via the PrimareApp, the BT input is added to the product control menu in a discrete BT section, which allows for the renaming of the input for the product display and the also the BT connection. Other controls are ‘Visible’, ‘Unpair’ and ‘Autoconnect’.

Typical retail prices inc VAT: £180 (free with PRE60 and supplied as standard on new PRE60 models) Availability: December 2014


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