Pro-Ject Audio System’s Box Design range was created to satisfy the growing trend towards smaller high-performance audio products. In 2013 My Audiophile Integrated Amplifier, or MaiA that measured just 206 x 200 x 36mm (W x D x H) was launched. Now, at the end of 2015, Pro-Ject has introduced a bigger sibling to MaiA for their DS range. PJ-BD-MaiADS-black

MaiA DS provides everything the modern listener needs… Three analogue inputs, three digital inputs, a phono stage, USB streaming and Bluetooth streaming. In addition there are multiple output options including a headphone socket. MaiA DS is a pre-amplifier, an integrated amplifier, a DAC, a headphone amp and a phono stage – all in one box.

Onboard you get a 60W per-channel Class D output stage and the PCM1796 Delta-Sigma DAC chip with 24bit / 192kHz high-resolution audio handling from Texas Instruments. The USB input uses XMOS asynchronous streaming technology and the input can also handle up to DSD256 playback (DoP). The 4th generation Bluetooth input is aptX® enabled to ensure the highest quality wireless streaming from a smart device. There’s a switchable MM/MC phono stage built into the amplifier which is based on Pro-Ject’s Phono Box technology. PJ-BD-MaiADS-back

With the free Box Control Android application, you can gain complete control of the MaiA DS and any other Infra Red (IR) remote-controlled device in your system.* Heinz Lichtenegger, CEO of Pro-Ject Audio Systems, has said:

“We see that people like to control music with an app. The industry offers many streamers where you can control your music content very conveniently. But for your hi-fi amp, CD player or TV, you’ll often have multiple remotes or a very expensive control system. With our unique Box Control app and the MaiA DS it is possible to control standard analogue IR products without the need of a Wi-Fi connection!”

Box Control takes a different approach to other remote systems; so only core controls are accessible through the app, and each device has its own easy-to-understand screen – rather than a myriad of complicated options squashed into one screen.

SRP £699.00

The MaiA DS is available in the UK now in Black or Silver.


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