New affordable phono stages with digital output options join the Pro-Ject range. The E-Line of affordable accessory electronics from Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems was introduced to combine Pro-Ject’s knowledge of stereo hifi systems with price points that could appeal to audio enthusiasts on a budget.

The new Phono Box E BT and Optical Box E Phono (pictured) join the range as new solutions for vinyl fans who want to integrate a turntable into their digital audio system. Phono Box E BT Built on the success of Pro-Ject’s VT-E BT and later Essential III BT turntables, the Phono Box E BT has been designed to offer wireless transmission from any hifi turntable with a moving magnet cartridge. Using the same coveted phono pre-amplification circuitry as the Phono Box E, the Phono Box E BT functions just like an ordinary phono stage with precise RIAA equalisation, RCA inputs and a Line level output (3.5mm stereo jack). However, the design also allows it to take the audio signal it receives and stream it over a high-quality wireless Bluetooth® signal. With a range of 10m, this effectively allows for the turntable to be positioned at the focal point in a room, away from where your main audio system might be. The pairing process is simple for easy set-up within minutes of opening the box.

The housing – available in black or white – is shielded with a metal interior, which protects the unit against vibrations and radio frequency interferences. There’s also an additional 3.5mm stereo jack Line input, for transmitting other analogue devices, as well as your turntable. SRP £89.00 The Phono Box E BT is available in the UK from late-November in Black or White finish.

The Optical Box E Phono is inspired by the Essential III Digital turntable, it gives digital audio enthusiasts a phono stage that can integrate a turntable into their audio system via optical transmission. With the ever-increasing presence of sound bars, and the ongoing rise in the popularity of digital audio systems, there are many people in the market who may be interested in the vinyl revival but will struggle to integrate a turntable into their existing audio system. The Optical Box E Phono is an advanced MM-compatible phono stage with precise RIAA equalisation, based on the Phono Box E design, including gold-plated RCA inputs and a Line level 3.5mm jack output. However, the addition of a high-quality (24-bit / 96kHz) optical output allows for easy integration into a digital audio system. The Optical Box E Phono plays through the analogue and digital outputs simultaneously, and the inclusion of an additional Line level input allows thi box to act as an input extender for any hifi system. SRP £89.00 The Optical Box E Phono is available in the UK from late-November in Black or White finish.

Technical Information

Casework: Plastic Moulded Body

Internal Construction: Electrically Shielded

Phono Input Impedance: 47kΩ

Phono Input Capacitance: 100pF

Phono Input Gain: 43dB

Inputs: 1 x Phono (RCA pair) 1 x Line In (3.5mm jack)

Outputs: 1 x Line Out (3.5mm jack) 1 x Toslink [Optical Box E Phono only] 1 x Bluetooth [Phono Box E BT only]

Noise Floor: 88dB (A-Weighted)

THD: < 0.04%

RIAA Curve Accuracy: Within 0.5dB / 20Hz – 20kHz

Power Supply: 18V / 500mA

Power Consumption: 100mA DC (< 1W in Standby)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 x 32 x 100mm

Weight: 250g




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