Pro-Ject is very well known for their large range of turntables and is now expanding into the record cleaning market with a vacuum cleaning machine and this, the £55 Sweep-IT E which gets rid of dust by brushing the vinyl as it is being played. Harry Smith gives it a spin. 

The unboxing experience is very simple but effective. You are presented with all the parts laid out in front of you and it is easy and obvious to assemble, 3 pieces that fit into each other, no need for instructions.

The cleaning arm itself is very well built, made from high-quality aluminium and it looks sleek in its black livery and wouldn’t be out of place on a high-end turntable.

Using the Pro-Ject Sweep-It E is as easy as the assembly. Place the brush on the record when the record starts and that’s it! The arm moves along towards the centre as the record plays.

It didn’t affect the stability of my record player at all, something that I was worried about given the weight of its stand and I recognised no effect on speed. Likewise, I couldn’t hear the brush through the stylus at all.

The Sweep-It E does a brilliant job of cleaning and all the relatively dusty records I used came out spotless.

When you’ve finished the brush rests on a small mount similar to a traditional tonearm.

The only inconvenience I found was that with my particular turntable (Pro-Ject Primary) was that I couldn’t close the lid while having the Sweep-IT E on, meaning that it had to live next to my turntable.


It offers rudimentary cleaning of records a doodle, a factor that I believe stops many younger people from getting into vinyl. Other products of a similar design are available and this tad on the expensive side,  but on the flipside, it is very well built and leaves records visibly cleaner and dust free.  



Does a great job at cleaning and removing dust


Doesn’t fit on my particular turntable with lid closed

Price: £55.00

Harry Smith

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