PS Audio have now launched the Stellar P3 Power Plant, which provides 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 900 watts, and complements the Stellar M700 monoblocks and GainCell preamp, or all your system’s source gear.

Power Plants claim to reduce noise and THD to virtually zero, while providing steady voltage output. PS Audio told us: “Traditional power conditioners only affect a portion of incoming noise, and can’t compensate for over or under voltage. Besides which, power conditioners raise the impedance of the power going to your system, bleaching the sound and draining away dynamics. PS Audio Power regenerators just don’t do that”.

The P3’s active regeneration process provides power and lowers the impedance, in addition,the P3 features surge and spike protection. Features include 300 VA continuous output, 15 amp filtered bypass outputs, 1000 VA peak output and 100% linearly regenerated AC. It has 85% efficiency for cool operation, a compact Stellar chassis, remote control, 15 amp IEC input and surge and spike protection. Available to ship late April, 2019. US MSRP: $2,199.




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