PS Audio’s first product way back in 1974 was a phono preamplifier, now they say that the new Stellar Phono Preamplifier is “the best we’ve ever made”.

Designer Darren Myers rejected the common, cost-cutting techniques of phono preamp design, the Stellar Phono Preamp uses no ICs in the signal path, instead featuring all-discrete FETs and hand-selected premium components in a Class A circuit with passive RIAA equalization.

MC & MM Cartridges

In addition, the Stellar Phono Preamp has both fixed and variable loading for moving coil cartridges, fully adjustable from the remote control. The unit’s ultra-low noise allows the use of MC cartridges with output as low as 0.15 mV. Two different tonearms can be selected via the remote, with either single-ended or balanced outputs. A massive, heavily-regulated power supply and full DC coupling allow the unit to provide up to 20V rms output for powerful bass and unrestricted headroom and dynamics.


Moving Magnet and Moving Coil preamplifier

Fixed and variable cartridge loading adjustable from remote control

Up to 70dB of ultra low noise gain for MC cartridges as low as 0.15mv

Two inputs for two tonearms selectable from remote control

Single ended and balanced outputs

All discrete FET design

Class A analog circuitry throughout

No ICs in signal path

Up to 20V rms output

Passive RIAA curve

Hand selected premium discrete components

DC coupled from input to output for unfettered bass

Ultra low noise discrete pre and post voltage regulation stages

Low internal feedback for increased transparency and openness

No complimentary FET transistors

High current oversized power transformer

Remote control

Front panel standby button

Available to ship in September 2019, debut at RMAF 2019

US MSRP: $2,499.

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