PS Audio will be exhibiting at Axpona, April 13th -15th, in the three-room Journey/Creation suite on the first floor of the Renaissance Hotel, near the entrance to the Expo Hall. The room is located near both the main show entrance and the seminar/concert room.

The entry room to the suite will be the  PS Hospitality Lounge where the Sprout 100 (MSRP $599) all-in-one integrated amp will make its first public appearance there, playing through ELAC B6 speakers. Sprout 100 has double the power output of the original,100 watts/channel into 4 ohms plus new features including a remote control.

The centre room of the suite will feature a Stellar system:

Custom Mac Mini as source

PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC (MSRP $1699)

PS Audio Stellar M700 700 watt mono amplifiers (MSRP $2998/pair, Stereophile Class-A rated)

PS Audio P5 Power Plant power regenerator (MSRP $4999)

GoldenEar Triton Reference loudspeakers (MSRP $8498/pair)

PS Audio and MG Audio Design cords and cables

Solidsteel rack, provided by Music Direct

The third room of the suite will feature the first public showing of a newly-revamped and expanded range of power products, on static display:

P20 Power Plant ( Pictured above MSRP $9999)

P10 Power Plant (MSRP $7499)

P5 Power Plant (MSRP $4999)

Stellar Power Plant 300 (MSRP TBD, $2000 target price. New model, launching this summer.)









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