PS Audio has announced an update which provides Bridge II-equipped DirectStream, DSJ, and PerfectWave DACs with full unfold of MQA up to 192 kHz/24 bit, and provides access to the streaming service Tidal.

Last year, PS released the Torreys OS upgrade which created a Roon Endpoint in the Bridge II, making DACs with the Bridge II fully Roon Ready. Last month, PS released the Huron OS upgrade, providing improvements in sound quality and functionality for the DirectStream and DSJ DACs, and laying the groundwork for this release of new Bridge II code.

As always, these updates were provided to owners of PS Audio DACs at no charge. All PS Audio DACs are future-proof, offering owners the opportunity to download upgrades which will improve sound quality and functionality, and provide new features.

Bridge II updates can be initiated from the front panel of the DirectStream, DSJ and PerfectWave DACs. No external data cards or sticks are required; once initiated, the update downloads automatically over the user’s network. 

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