PS Audio has issued the following statement from company Founder and CEO, Paul McGowan: “I want to say that I’m sorry for burdening overworked reviewers with frequent Operating System upgrades for our DirectStream and DSJ DACs. The release of Redcloud, our latest and best-ever OS, just makes more work for you, and I’m sorry. We bring out product improvements as soon as they’re ready, and I know that’s not always convenient”.

“I apologize to our colleagues and competitors for also releasing an update to our network-streaming Bridge II that will allow our customers access to Spotify Connect, VTuner, Tidal, Qobuz and MQA-encoded files on  Roon, in addition to the MQA, Tidal, and Roon access we’d already provided—all for free. Times are tough, and I’m sorry to make it harder to compete. Most of all, I’m sorry that owners of other DACs won’t be able to enjoy all these benefits, for free. We’d be happy to help them out.”

PS Audio’s Ted Smith has been busy during the six months since the release of the Huron OS. PS Audio say “The new OS, Redcloud, improves upon Huron’s already-exemplary spatial presentation, dynamic contrasts, and low bass. By better-linearizing low-level signals, Ted has managed to reduce residual noise and THD even more, with startling improvements to low-level resolution, ambient hall sound, and solidity of bass performance. Blacker backgrounds, immediately-identifiable concert venues, and incredible dynamic slam are all evident with Redcloud. As good as Huron was, Redcloud is far better. The improvements are immediately noticeable—as Paul McGowan put it, “it’s a 10-seconder. You hear how much better it is instantly.””

Simultaneous with the release of Redcloud is the release of an update for the network Bridge II.
Redcloud (likeHuron, TorreysPikes Peak and Yale before it) is named after one of 53 “Fourteeners” in Colorado, mountain peaks that rise above 14,000 feet. “Fourteener” names symbolise PS Audio’s aspiration to ultimate sound quality.
Redcloud is available as a freedownload for DirectStream; download for DSJ will follow shortly. Redcloud will also be available for purchase, preloaded onto an SD card (DirectStream) or a USB stick (DSJ). The Bridge II network card is optional on the DirectStream, and is standard with the DSJ. Bridge II allows a wide range of streaming and network options. Instructions on upgrading Bridge II to allow use of Spotify Connect, VTuner, Tidal, Qobuz, MQA, and Roon.




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