Since its introduction in 2014, the PS Audio Perfect Wave DirectStream DAC, with its FPGA-based architecture, has allowed owners to update their units with new OS firmware.

PS Audio has chosen to name the free downloads after Colorado “Fourteeners”, the 53 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in the company’s home state.

Ted Smith Signature DAC

Nearly a dozen OS upgrades have been released for the DirectStream and DSJ DACs, and each new release has, say PS, improved upon the performance and sound quality of its predecessor. Designer Ted Smith’s latest effort is Windom, after the 14,093-feet high Windom Peak, the highest point in the San Juan River basin.

While developing the architecture of his ‘ultimate DAC’, the Ted Smith Signature DAC (TSS), Ted learned ways of moving functions from noisier FPGA resources to quieter ones, and restructuring memory allocations. The result is an even lower digital noise-floor with, claim PS, the benefits cleaner high volume playback, better defined soundstage, better defined bass and an overall “sound picture” that is more realistic.

Free Download

From October the 2nd, Windom will be available on the PS Audio website as a free download for both DirectStream and DirectStream Junior (DSJ) DACs. PS Audio and Ted Smith say they will “continue to develop even better mountaintops” for these DACs, ensuring that they will be better than when they were new and never become obsolete”.

Pictured are PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan joined by designer Ted Smith, in his infamous circuit-board shirt, on a mountain top!

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