Starting with High End 2018 from 11th to 13th May 2018 at the MOC in Munich, Germany, Swiss manufacturer PSI Audio ventures into the home entertainment area. The company, well known in the professional audio world, presents a range of products at the consumer hifi trade show.

The PSI Audio hifi speaker prototype is an active 3-way speaker derived from the professional studio monitor A25-M, offering the same  sonic reproduction but adapted for the living room. The AVAA C20 active bass trap will also be present at the show, as will the immersive audio speaker LiveBox in cooperation with Weiss Engineering. All three products can be experienced and listened to at High End 2018 in Hall 4, room W08.


While the name PSI Audio may sound new to a large number of audiophiles, the manufacturer has been around for over 40 years in professional audio monitoring. Always striving for the most accurate sound reproduction possible, all PSI Audio products are developed, hand-built, measured and calibrated in the company’s own workshop.

The company recognised that many audiophile listeners want to benefit from studio technology, too. The result is a floor-standing 3-way speaker with class G amplifiers. It’s entirely analogue technology with no DSPs or digital helpers of any sort. The speaker’s look is as simple as it is elegant, making the PSI Audio hifi speaker prototype blend into a living room both visually and acoustically.

Most compact room acoustics: AVAA C20

While speakers can go a long way to ensure maximum audio precision, the room they play in needs to be considered, too…as we all know. Professional sound studios spend fortunes to have their acoustics optimised so the sound of the room does not affect the sound coming from the speakers. The most problematic of all frequencies is the low range, requiring a lot of volume to be treated properly. PSI Audio say they have come up with an alternative method of treating the frequency range between 15 and 150 Hz: the Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20. The compact system uses smart analogue circuits to eliminate room modes that may spoil a listening room while requiring only a fraction of the space traditional treatment would use. Due to its  technology, the AVAA C20 is up to 25 times as efficient as traditional acoustic elements say the Swiss company.

LiveBox: Binaural audio in cooperation with Weiss Engineering

One more exciting product PSI Audio participated in developing is the LiveBox from Weiss Engineering. The LiveBox reproduces sound in an incredibly immersive three-dimensionality that seems to defy the laws of physics, the company’s press release says.

PSI Audio and Weiss Engineering are located in Hall 4, room W08 at High End Munich.

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