It has been for a long time that PureAudioProject has been working on their new three-way Open Baffle Speaker the Trio15 Coax10″.

“Trio15 Coax10″ was designed with music in mind, while pushing the sonic envelope of our popular Trio15 platform to the edge; It’s natural, smooth but at the same time fast and dynamic sound makes it a no-compromise high-end performer with any music genre,” says Ze’ev  Schlik, founder of the brand.

PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax10″Open Baffle Loudspeakers


Acoustical Center of Mass with Dippolito design and Point Source mid/high driver.

Drivers: 10″ mid driver designed specifically for Open Baffle with a 1.4″ Horn on one axis (Coaxial Design)

All three drivers are built from materials with similar sonic characters

Crossovers: Dedicated 4th and 2nd order (woofers) crossover with top-grade components with Silver/Gold Oil Caps and Copper Foil Coils

Technical Data

Sensitivity: 96db (in a typical room)

Nominal Impedance: 8ohm

Frequency Range: between 29 to 32hz – 20Khz (in a typical room)

Woofers: PAP exclusive OB-A15Neo

Coaxial Driver: OB-COAX10H1

10″ treated Paper Cone mid woofer

1.4″ Horn Tweeter (same diaphragm as in our Horn1)


4th order for mid/highs and 2nd order LPF for woofers

Silver/Gold Oil caps and Foil Coils

Internal Wiring: Klotz Audio PureCopper Cables

Finishing, see photos

Size: W: 54cm / 21.25″; H: 122 cm / 4′; D: 27cm / 10.375″

Weight: 25kg / 55lbs

Upgrade Path

Like with all PureAudioProject models, they offer existing customers a simple and cost effective upgrade path to this model.

Price And Availability

Trio15 Coax10″ will start shipping in February 2021

Manufactured in the USA and Europe

Upgrade to Trio15 Coax10″ (for Trio15 owners) US$3,490

Trio15 Coax10″ US$7,490

Free Shipping in the USA and Europe

Flat Shipping Cost addition of US$300 for shipping anywhere else in the world

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