QED is marking its 40th Anniversary with the introduction of two entirely new cables. Designated ‘Reference Audio 40’ reference_audio_40_cobraand ‘Signature Audio 40’ the new cables are designed specifically for the transmission of stereo, line level analogue audio signals and are a radical move away from previous QED designs.

Jack Fox, QED’s Brand Manager, stated: “Everyone at QED is very excited about the new Reference Audio 40 and Signature Audio 40 cables. As the result of the extensive empiric scientific research undertaken for this project, both products boast features never before incorporated into QED cables. We’re confident they deliver a level of sonic performance previously only available from far more expensive designs.” He continued “In addition to the clear leap in performance resulting from the newly designed ‘AnalocTM’ phono plugs, these new features include ‘asymmetric’ cable geometry for the Silver Plated, 99.999% Pure, Oxygen Free Copper multi-stranded conductors as well as a ‘floating’ ferrite jacket. The former assists the three dimensional sonic imagery (soundstage) by minimising micro timing errors; whilst the latter is one of the three layers of electrical isolation which totally protect the cable from HF interference.”

This cordage, similar for both cables, is designed primarily for low capacitance, because this has been identified by QED as an important factor which contributes to a ‘high fidelity’ experience.

In addition to the new technology incorporated into the ‘Reference’ version; ‘Signature’ Audio 40 also benefits from its cores being cryogenically treated prior to assembly and the addition of Teflon insulator. These factors combine to reduce its capacitance and dissipation factor even further.

These new cables are the first to be enhanced by the new QED ‘Analoc™’close tolerance, locking, RCA phono plugs with insulated, zinc-plated brass barrels. ‘Reference’ has a gold-plated model, whilst ‘Signature’ has a

Rhodium-plated variant. High purity 99.999% oxygen free copper contacts are used throughout and the design features ‘low eddy current’ body and ground connections as well as a hollow central pin. All these features are designed to minimise any possible interference to the analogue signal.

The UK suggested retail prices per pair (including vat) are:

Reference Audio 40:  £84.95 (0.6m)  £99.95 (1m) and  £124.95 (1.5m)

Signature Audio 40:   £169.95 (0.6m)  £199.95 (1m)  and  £269.95 (1.5m)

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