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Qobuz and Linkfire have launched a new affiliate program for artists. The partnership aims to provide a new alternate revenue stream to artists and increased streaming insights.

Qobuz, the hi-res music streaming and download platform, has partnered with Linkfire, the music marketing platform and smart-link company, with a new affiliate program. Whenever a fan clicks through to Qobuz and signs up for a Qobuz streaming plan, the referring artist or label will earn money as an affiliate partner.

Qobuz and Linkfire have launched a new affiliate program for artists

Qobuz and Linkfire have launched a new affiliate program for artists


In addition, the partnership will open up conversion data from Qobuz for artists, labels and managers, so they can see the actions of their fans on the service after clicking on a Linkfire smart link. This valuable data will help artists fine-tune and optimize their marketing strategy to reach more fans by identifying preferences and consumption habits.


Linkfire connects fans to different audio, video, ticketing, and merch options with just one social-media-friendly smart link. A major reason is ease of use. Linkfire automatically populates links to DSPs, artist websites, and more using just one service link or ISRC/UPC code, rather than requiring each link be manually entered. Linkfire’s tools and data services offer global marketing insights on engagement, streams, downloads, and fan preferences across all traffic sources and geotagged by location.

In order to participate in the Qobuz affiliate program, creators need to sign up for Linkfire’s Enterprise, or Business Premium plans. Linkfire users who already have the Advanced Legacy plan can also access the Qobuz affiliate program.


“We are excited to partner with Linkfire with this new affiliate program. Qobuz is glad to provide a new source of revenue for labels and artists. Their smart links and data will allow previously overlooked genres access to more data and give them the marketing tools they need to get closer to their fans,” said Georges Fornay, CEO Deputy for Qobuz. “Aligning with Linkfire amplifies our goals as we continue to support new talent, local artists, and stand up for high-quality sound and culture.”

“Linkfire has always admired Qobuz’s support of listening to music in high-resolution,” said Lars Ettrup, CEO and Co-Founder of Linkfire. “We look forward to serving a whole new audience and providing artists and their teams with data that will help them excel.”

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