BluOS, Radio Paradise and MQA have collaborated to add an MQA audio option to the global internet radio station.


Radio Paradise, Lenbrook International and MQA has announced a new hifi internet radio service exclusive to the BluOS platform, Radio Paradise MQA On BluOS.


Radio Paradise, a listener-supported internet radio station known for its high quality audio streams, is now providing MQA-encoded audio on all four of its mix channels, utilising high-resolution 24-bit masters where available.

Radio Paradise MQA On BluOS Players

Radio Paradise MQA On BluOS Players


Lenbrook International, the owner and developer of the BluOS high-resolution multi-room platform, has announced that all BluOS devices will receive an update in April 2021 to enable Radio Paradise MQA as a native music streaming option. It will be included in all current and future BluOS Enabled devices from leading audio brands like Bluesound, NAD Electronics, DALI Loudspeakers, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Peachtree and PSB Speakers. The collaboration marks the first time an internet radio station will carry MQA-encoded content.

“As music lovers and audiophiles ourselves it was a revelation to hear the performance difference in music when encoded into MQA, even when only 16 bit/44 kHz masters are available,” explained Bill Goldsmith, long-time radio personality and founder of Radio Paradise. “It’s a unique opportunity for us to provide improved audio performance to our BluOS listeners who are very serious about their content quality. The team at BluOS has been 100% committed to delivering high-res audio direct to the listening room and has long supported our work at Radio Paradise. Our shared values for best-in-class audio make this collaboration a totally natural evolution.”

“Radio Paradise MQA is the perfect vehicle for the musical curation of Bill and the Radio Paradise team,” says Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA. “We are proud to play a part in helping showcase their talent and expertise alongside our long-time collaborators on the BluOS platform team. The world’s best sounding entertainment is what customers of BluOS have come to expect following their years of leadership and innovation In high-resolution audio.”

“The BluOS ecosystem has the largest selection of MQA enabled players in the world,” states Gord Simmonds, President & CEO of The Lenbrook Group, the company developing the BluOS platform. “We wanted to offer our discerning customers something they cannot get anywhere else. Now our BluOS family of brands and their global customers have an exclusive 24/7 mix of MQA content at their fingertips. To partner with Bill and Radio Paradise and our MQA friends to offer this great sounding music to our customers, for whom high resolution audio and hifi are paramount, is an outstanding alignment of our shared visions.”

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