Raumfeld, the maker of high-fidelity multi-room streaming speakers, is launching the Raumfeld Sounddeck in the UK in December. Through innovative Wellenfeld Technology, the Sounddeck has a extremely wide-ranging sweet spot. Designed to add a much needed boost to the sound quality of modern flat-TVs, the Sounddeck provides users with both Hi-Fi music and immersive movie sound, for multi-room streaming and TV connectivity in one beautiful device that ha no need for an external subwoofer, so it works well in smaller rooms, but can handle the weight of the biggest TVs on the market.RMF_Sounddeck_Black_news

German-engineered, the Sounddeck employs six High-End drivers, two Downfire-Subwoofers and integrated 280-Watt-Class-D-amp and music. A timeless design, available in matte black or silk white, it features a lacquered wooden cabinet with brushed aluminium accents.

The “Priority Edition” of the Sounddeck is available in matte black and silk white from 4th September at £949.99 (incl. 20% VAT). Delivery before Christmas is guaranteed. Orders with delivery date in spring 2016 will be available at £799.99 (incl. 20% VAT). For a limited time, the Sounddeck also comes with a voucher for three months of the music streaming service TIDAL HiFi, plus free shipping is available


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